We are a family-owned business specializing in handcrafted gluten-free pizza crust

Our Story Making Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

How It Began

Eight years ago when my family went gluten-free, movie/pizza night quickly turned sad. 

I have autoimmune Hashimotos, which at the time was undetected. My second son was born with complications from my Hashimotos. 

With no help from allopathic doctors I set out to reverse my condition through nutrition and gut healing protocols. There were, and continue to be many elements to healing naturally. But by far, eliminating gluten for us, and many like us, was most crucial for our health. 

I didn't have a problem converting all of my beloved recipes to gluten-free... Except pizza! Ugh. 

After several years of expensive and disappointing gluten-free pizza purchases, I became determined to create the perfect crust for my family. With persistence, and tons of fails, a star was finally born. No more feeling left out at birthday or baseball parties, or continually saddened by the choices on the market.  

Thankfully today there are wonderful products and brands offering a variety of satisfying gluten free baked goods. It was high time for a quality, nutritious gluten-free pie, with the taste and texture we remembered. And so I thought, lets take the SUCK out of gluten-free pizza for everyone! 

From my family to yours, and always with love, 

Melissa Taubman, Pinky's Up GF Pizza Crust, LLC TM  Las Vegas, Nevada

My favorite quote on my kitchen wall - 

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Hobbies- Making the world a better place! Cooking, of course! and food product development; I'm a serious foodie, interior design, art, travel, music.

What I'm passionate about- the health of our world and every living matter in it, nutrition, natural medicine, children and real life education



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